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Metro International BVBA has, as a wholesale of satellites and components, already a lot of experience . With a head office in Antwerp and branch offices in Germany and Turkey , we are one of the most recognized and trusted dealers in our industry in Western Europe.

The vision of Metro International is to be one of the largest distributors in satellite receivers and accessories in Europe . Meanwhile, we can proudly say that we are among the largest in the satellite market . That we are the largest in Belgium , was obtained by carrying out fair trade and a " customer first" approach. We have achieved this goal with flying colors , but that doesn't keep us from becoming better. Indeed, we always focus on improving our products , services and innovation.

We all know the cliché " the smaller the company , the better the service ." At Metro International this doesn't apply . We have made it our mission to combine the service of a small company with the benefits of a wholesale. We constantly follow the needs of the market closely and adapt every time to the latest technologies and latest trends. We will always offer you the most suitable products ranging from satellite dishes to receivers .

We also provide after sales for pleasure and satisfaction by providing a comprehensive technical support . Sustainable products Our secret recipe for reliability and customer satisfaction consists of a great interest in investing in R & D , technology and quality . Add to that the high standard and quality ingredients , and you will obtain unique products for the most prestigious companies.

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Metro International

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2170 Merksem (Antwerpen)
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